Booking Department

List of Community Centres

(For General Purpose)

Place & Address
Community Centre, Sector 8, Chandigarh Community Centre, Sector 11, Chandigarh
Community Centre, Sector 15, Chandigarh Community Centre, Sector 16, Chandigarh
Community Centre, Sector 18, Chandigarh Community Centre, Sector 19, Chandigarh.
Community Centre, Sector 20, Chandigarh Community Centre, Sector 21, Chandigarh
Community Centre, Sector 27, Chandigarh Community Centre, Sector 28, Chandigarh
Community Centre, Sector 29, Chandigarh Community Centre, Sector 30, Chandigarh
Community Centre, Sector 33, Chandigarh Community Centre, Sector 35, Chandigarh
Community Centre, Sector 37, Chandigarh Community Centre, Sector 38, Chandigarh.
Community Centre, Sector 39, Chandigarh Community Centre, Sector 40, Chandigarh
 Community Centre, Sector 41, Chandigarh Community Centre, Sector 42, Chandigarh
Community Centre, Sector 44, Chandigarh. Community Centre, Sector 45, Chandigarh
Community Centre, Sector 46, Community Centre Modern Housing Complex (Duplex), Manimajra
Community Centre, Pocket No. 7, Manimajra, Near Shivalik Garden, Manimajra Community Centre, Kajheri Colony, Chandigarh.
Community Centre, Badheri Colony, Chandigarh. Community Centre, Indira Colony, Chandigarh
Community Centre, Vikas Nagar, Chandigarh Community Centre, Maloya Colony, Chandigarh
Community Centre, Palsora Colony, Chandigarh Harijan Dharamshala, Old Indira Colony, Manimajra
Community Centre, Ram Darbar, Chandigarh Community Centre, Mauli Jagran Colony, Chandigarh



List of Community Centre

(For Welfare Activities)

Place & Address
Community Center, Sector 41, Chandigarh Community Center, Kajheri Colony, Chandigarh
Community Center, Maloya Colony, Chandigarh Community Center, Mauli Jagran, Manimajra,
Community Center, Indira Colony, Chandigarh Community Center, Palsora Colony, Chandigarh

List of Janj Ghars

Place & Address
City Banquet, Sector 23, Chandigarh
Janj Ghar, Sector 47, Chandigarh

Booking Rate of Community Centres

All Community Centres

Accomodation Rates (Per Day)
Lawn and Hall Rs. 2000/-
Lawn Rs. 1500/-
Hall Rs. 1000/-
For Kitty Party ( for 3 hrs. only) Rs. 250/-
For Meeting ( for 1 hrs.) Rs. 250/-
Meeting of Residents of Welfare Association Free of Cost Once in a month

Rates of Community Centres Sector-11

Accomodation Rates (Per Day)
Hall+Kitchen+Dressing Room (Ground Floor) (i) Rs. 6000/- + service tax for full day (24 hours)
(ii) Rs. 3000/- + service tax for half day
Entire first floor (i) Rs. 4000/- + service tax for full day (24 hours)
(ii) Rs. 2000/- + service tax for half day
Backside Lawn Rs. 2500/-per day + service tax + Rs. 300/- as cleanliness charges

Rates of Community Centres in Colonies

Accomodation Rates (Per Day)
Lawn and Hall Rs. 1000/-
Hall for 03 hours Rs. 250/-(for kitty party)
Hall for 01 hour Rs. 250/-(for meeting)

Rate of Harijan Dharam Shala Old Indira Colony in Manimajra 

Accomodation Rates (Per Day)
Lawn and Hall Rs. 200/-

Booking Rate of Janj Ghars

City Banquet, Sector 23,Chandigarh

Accomodation Rates (Per Day)
Hall Rs.5000/-
Lawn Rs. 2500/-
Deluxe Room Rs. 1000/-
Non-AC Room Rs. 450/-

Janj Ghar, Sector 47, Chandigarh

Set No. Price
Set No.1
Consisting of Hall one Kitchen and side Lawn
Rs. 3750/-
Set No.2
Consisting of Small Hall (63’ x 31.6’) & Lawn
Rs. 2250/-
Set No.3
Consisting of one lawn & one kitchen
Charges per room Rs.300/-
  • Note :- Above rates are subject to change as per decision of the Corporation.
  • Service Tax as applicable on above rates is leviable.
  • Rs. 200/- will be charged as cleaning charges for use of lawn of Community Cetres/Janj Ghars.
  • No extra charges will be charged for electricity and water supply.
  • Deposite of booking fees between 9:30 to 1:00 PM at Booking Office, Ground Floor, New Deluxe Building, Sector 17, Chandigarh.

Refund of cancellation of bookings shall be as under :-

  • 15 days in advance ----50%
  • Between 14 to 7 days ---25%
  • Within 7 days----Nil

Booking Rates of Open Space/Gardens/Parks

Duration of Occupancy (Rate Per Day) for Semi Govt/Govt Organisation (Rate Per Day) for Private Organisation
Circus Ground, Sector 17
1 to 10 10,000/- 20,000/-
11 to 20 7,500/- 15,000/-
21 to 30 5,000/- 10,000/-
31 days onwards - 75,00/-
Exhibition Ground, Sector 34, Chandigarh
  5,000/- 15,000/-
Cultural Functions at Shanti Kunj Sector 16
  2000/- 2000/-

Terms & Conditions :-

  • parking area adjoining the circus ground shall be given to the hirer alongwith the circus ground at the existing rate of ground rent.
  • The hirer shall be at liberty to sublet any part of the circus ground to other parties for putting up stalls.
  • Ground Permission not to exceed 3 acres in Sector 34-B, Chandigarh
  • Total area not to exceed approx.2.75 in Sector 35-D, Chandigarh.
  • Service tax as applicable is leviable.

Rent for Permission of Garden

Area Rate (Per day)
For Commercial Films 10,000/-
For Tele/Documentary Films 5,000/-

Religious Functions

Permission for the use of grounds in Municipal Area for the holding of public religious functions to be held by the Market Association, Mohalla Association, Resident Associations, and religious organizations shall be given free of cost except Circus Ground, Sector 17, Chandigarh.

During Festival

Rates for space in different markets during Diwali, Dussehra and other religious festivals like Raksha Bandhan,Karva Chawth, Lohri

Area Rate (Per day)
Upto 20 Sq.ft RS. 50/-
Upto 50 Sq.ft RS. 100/-
Upto 100 Sq.ft RS. 200/-
Upto 225 Sq.ft RS. 300/-
Upto 500 Sq.ft RS. 500/-
Upto 1000 Sq.ft RS. 1500/-
Small Phari RS. 150/-(for Three days)
Note :- Rates for Sector 17 & 22 will be charged at double the normal rates

Booking of Carnival Stage

Booking of Carnival stage for holding open cultural events in sector-17, Plaza. However, no concession shall be given to anyone in the charging of rent RS. 5000/-


Description Monthly fee Annual Fee

Advertisement or hoarding on wall or post or in the form of non-illuminated sky-signs.


For a space upto 10 Sq. ft.


For a space over 10 Sq.ft. and upto 25 Sq. ft.


For every additional 25 Sq. ft. or less







Advertisement or hoarding standing blank but bearing the name of the Advertiser or with the announcement ‘to be let’ displayed thereon:-.


For a space upto 10 Sq. ft.


For a space over 10 Sq.ft. and upto 25 Sq. ft.


For every additional 25 Sq. ft. or less









Fixed illuminated skysigns and advertisement


For a space upto 2 Sq. ft.


over 2 Sq.ft. and upto 5 Sq. ft.


For a space over 5 Sq.ft. and upto 25 Sq. ft.


For every additional 25 Sq. ft. or less









Advertisement Boards carried on vehicles Including  buses ( NON ILLUMINATED)

For a space upto 50 Sq.ft.


For every Additional 50 Sq.ft.








Illuminated advertisement boards carried on vehicles including buses plying in Chandigarh


For space upto 50 Sq.ft.

For every additional 50 Sq.ft..







Advertisement Boards etc. carried bu sandwich boardmen ( Non illuminated)


For each  board not exceeding 10 Sq.ft.


For each board exceeding 10 Sq.ft. and upto 25 Sq. Ft


For each additional 10 Sq. Ft in area or less












Advertisement Boards etc. carried by sandwich boardmen ,handcart, cyclists or cycle rickshaws.


For each  board not exceeding 10 Sq.ft.


For each board exceeding 10 Sq.ft. and upto 25Sq. Ft


For each additional 10 Sq. Ft in area or less















For illuminated sky signs and advertisement exhibited on screens by means of lantern, slides, projects or similar devices.


For a space upto 5 Sq.ft.

For a space over 5 Sq.ft. and upto 25 Sq. ft.

For every additional 25 Sq. ft. or less









Permission to auctioneers Temporary/ taveling sales organizers, exhibitors, fair organizers , circuses, convention organizers etc. to put up not more that two boards of reasonable size less than 5 Sq.ft. advertising each auction or sale other than those on the premises where the auction is  held.  One on a prominent site in the locality and one on the Municipal Lamp Post. 100 ( per day) 400 (per week)

Advertisement boards at permitted locations upto 5 Sq.ft.


Advertisement boards at permitted location upto 25 St,Ft.

Advertisement exhibited in Cinema houses by means of lantern slides or similar device


e) Through Slides

f) through reels



















Banners on building or on open space  or Road-side, except main roads

Rs. 100.00 per Sq.ft. per day 

upto a period of one week and Rs. 120/- per Sq.ft for subsequent days

Advertisement by balloons Rs.200/- per Sq.ft. (measured across the diameter) per day upto a period of one week and Rs. 250/- for subsequent days  

Non illuminated advertisement Boards carried on vehicles solely and chiefly for the purpose of advertisement


For a space upto 50 sq.ft.


For every additional 50 sq.ft. or less







Illuminated Advertisement boards carried on vehicles solely and chiefly for the purpose of advertisement


For a space upto 50 sq.ft.


For every additional 50 sq.ft









Stall and Other Commercial Activities

Area Rate per Sq.ft(per day)
Rent for Sector 17 & 22
First Slab
Rs 25/-
Second Slab
Rs 20/-
Third Slab
                  Above 450'
Rs 15/-
Rent for Stall and other commercial activities in other Sectors
Installation of stalls along sides of V-4 ,V-5 and V-6 roads. Rs 5/-

Utilization of Open Space for Construction Activity

Storing of material required for construction/ addition and alteration of buildings within the Municipal limits are as under:-

Area Rate Period
Upto 1000sq.ft Rs.1000/- Six months
  Rs.250/- Per Month
Above 1000 Sq.ft Rs. 2000/- Six months
  Rs.500/- Per Month
Additional and Alteration
Upto 1000 Sq.ft Rs. 250/- Per Month
Above 1000 Sq.ft Rs.500/- Per Month
Note :-
           Penalty/fine will be imposed upon the owners of buildings/sites, who are found storing material without valid permission.


Penal Charges for putting tentage etc. without permission.

Area Normal rates (per day) Penal rates (Per day)
Upto 2000 Rs. 300/- Rs. 600/-
2001 to 4000 Rs. 500/- Rs. 1000/-
4001 to 10000 Rs. 1000/- Rs. 2000/-

Concession for M.C. Employees

50% discount in the charging of ground rent of Municipal Grounds/parks and rent of Community Centres for the purpose of celebration of the own marriages of the employees of the Municipal Corporation, Chandigarh and their sons and daughters shall be given to the employees, be and is hereby approved.

General Policy for the Grant of Permission to Use Ground/Parks.

  • Permission to use grounds/parks for the purpose of holding satsang and other religious function shall be given free of cost. Only charges for cleanliness i.e 200+S.T. However, ground rent shall be charged in individual cases where community is not involved.
  • 20% rebate in the booking charges for holding social functions shall be given to the members of the Community Centre.
  • Residents Welfare Associations the constituent sectors which are registered, democratically elected and have minimum membersship of 250 to 50 hld meeting once in a month without any payment for a period not exceeding three hours and once a year for period up to eight hrs. the permission for social functions will be given by the person authorised by the Governing Body.
  • Permission to use ground/parks and Community Centre for the purpose of Kirya/Death Bhog shall be give at free of cost only charges for cleaniness only taken Rs, 200+S.T. No permission shall be given to anybody for any purpose along/near V-I, V-2, V-3 roads. Permission shall also not be given along the road sides in order to avoid accidents and rush of stray cattle.
  • The applicant shall be solely responsible for payment of all taxes/fee etc. to the concerned department.

Note: The applicant shall submit the application on prescribed Performa 15 days in advance.Service Taxas applicable will be charged extra.

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