E-mail Address of the Officers & Officials of the M.C.C.

(Official Web Site :http://mail.nic.in  )

Sr.No. Designation E-Mail Id
1 Commissioner comm-mcc-chd@nic.in
2 PA to Commissioner patocmcmcc-chd@nic.in
3 Additional Commissioner addlcmc-mcc-chd@nic.in
4 PA to Additional Commissioner patoacmcmcc-chd@nic.in
5 Chief Engineer cemcmcc-chd@nic.in
6 PA to Chief Engineer patocemcmcc-chd@nic.in
7 Joint Commissioner jointcmcmcc-chd@nic.in
8 Suprintending Engineer (B&R) sebrmcc-chd@nic.in
9 Suprintending Engineer (PH) sephmcc-chd@nic.in
10 Executive Engineer (Electrical) xenelecmcc-chd@nic.in

11 Executive Engineer (Horticulture) xenhortmcc-chd@nic.in

12 Executive Engineer (Roads-1) xenr1mcc-chd@nic.in

13 Executive Engineer (Roads-2) xenr2mcc-chd@nic.in

14 Executive Engineer (Public Health-1) xenph1mcc-chd@nic.in

15 Executive Engineer (Public Health-2) xenph2mcc-chd@nic.in

16 Executive Engineer (Public Health-3) xenph3mcc-chd@nic.in

17 Executive Engineer (Public Health-4) xenph4mcc-chd@nic.in

18 Chief Accounts Officer caomcc-chd@nic.in
19 Chief Auditor camcc-chd@nic.in
20 M.O.H. mohmcc-chd@nic.in
21 Chief Fire Officer cfomcc-chd@nic.in
22 Law Officer lomcc-chd@nic.in
23 Accounts Officer aomcc-chd@nic.in
24 Booking Incharge bi-mcc-chd@nic.in
26 Computer Programmer cpmcc-chd@nic.in
27 A.P.R.O. apromcc-chd@nic.in
28 O.S.D Agenda osdamcc-chd@nic.in