Roads & Bridges

The road network of city of Chandigarh is based on Grid Pattern and the roads have been divided into seven categories known as system of 7 V's as below : -

Sr.No. Category
V-I Fast Roads connecting Chandigarh to other towns.
V-2 Arterial Roads.
V-3 Fast Vehicular Roads.
V-4 Meandering Shopping Streets.
V-5 Sector Circulation Roads.
V-6 Access Roads to Houses.
V-7 Foot Paths & Cycle Tracks.

The road network measuring about 1400 km was transferred to the Municipal Corporation. Most of the roads especially V6 roads were in poor state and had not been carpeted since long time. During the last five years the Municipal Corporation has completed the recarpetting work of all the V6 roads in the city measuring 499 km. Out of 238.04 km of V3 roads 91.57 km have been recarpetted/ strengthened.

The major V3 Roads Recarpetted/Strengthened are as below:

Sr.No. Road Name
1. V3 road dividing sector 21 & 22.
2. V3 road dividing sector 40 & 41.
3. V3 road dividing sector 41& 42.
4. V3 road dividing sector 36 & 37.
5. V3 road dividing sector 10 & 11.
6. V3 road dividing sector 11 & 12
7. V3 road dividing sector 45 & 46.
8. V3 road dividing sector 49& 50.

Out of 128.12 km of V4 and 232.14 km of V5 roads 89.99 km and 129.32 km have been strengthened/ recarpetted respectively.


Corporation constructed a high level causeway in place of a foot bridge connecting Industrial Area Phase – I, with railway station, thus opening a new route and giving relief to the heavily congested Chandigarh-Kalka Road by bye-passing it & directly linking the city to Railway Station through shorter route.


A Causeway having discharge capacity of only 300 cusecs on trunk road connecting Chandigarh with Mohali had settled, during the monsoons of 1998. The Corporation had earlier approved provision of a bridge with 6000 cusec capacity for 176.00 lacs. The construction of bridge required acquisition of land and would have taken about 2½ years. However, it has been replaced with a Box culvert type of bridge with discharge capacity of 8000 cusec at a cost of Rs.45.00 lacs only in a record period of 2½ months.


The original planning of the city envisazed provision of cycle tracks running South to North. The cycle track running through Sector 11, 15, 24, 37 & 41 has been constructed at a cost of Rs.24 Lacs.


The parking areas in shopping centres of Sector 17, 22, 37, 38, 40 have been recarpetted/ widened to increase the parking capacities of the parking areas. Also the underground parkings which had been constructed in Sector 8, 9 & 17 before the formation of Municipal Corporation were in a very shabby condition and were not being utilized. The Municipal Corporation not only made the underground parkings functional, but also introduced the system of paid parking in Sector 8, 9 & 17 in such a way so as to encourage the use of underground parkings, to decongest the overcrowded surface parking areas and to have better utilization of under utilized parking areas. The Municipal Corporation is going to extend the system of paid parking in other sectors so as to have optimum utilization of all the parking areas.

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